Mobile-Friendly WordPress Website Guide: How To Optimize WordPress Website For Mobile

13 Apr

A responsive website design has become one of the most essential aspects to get online success. No matter how effective, attractive, and persuasive your website design and product might be for prospects, if the elements inside the website are not optimized for different types of the screen then all your efforts can go in vain. Today it’s no secret that mobile-friendly WordPress website design can make and break any business that is trying to get more traffic, conversion, and ROI.

Mobile-friendly WordPress websites have become the new norm that allows site owners to drive desired results. Today almost every business and website are aware of the fact that smartphones have outperformed desktop in terms of online searches and the number of searches performed on mobile devices is continuously growing and will continue to grow. But still, most of the site owners are not aware of the value it can bring to the business that is the reason why they keep neglecting making their website design responsive.

If you are looking to create a responsive WordPress website design that drives more traffic and conversion then you have landed on the right article, where we are going to highlight every small detail about what are the benefits of making your website design responsive and how you can make your website responsive for mobile as well as other devices. So make sure you stick till the end of this article.

Table Of Content:

  • An Overview Of Mobile-Friendly WordPress Website
  • What is a Mobile-friendly WordPress website?
  • Why is it important to have a mobile responsive WordPress website design?
  • How to make a WordPress website responsive?
  • Conclusion

An Overview Of Mobile Friendly WordPress Website

Mobile users are continuously growing and as mobile devices are getting cheaper the number is expected to increase in the coming future. A responsive and mobile-friendly WordPress website design will allow you to stay competitive and drive the maximum number of audiences, regardless of the device it is getting viewed on. That is the reason why it’s said that mobile responsive websites have become the industry standard. Gone are those days when it used to be just a feature, now it plays a key role in getting online success.

Whether you are targeting working professionals or young college students, you need to be aware of their preferences. Today if a user looks to search for any answer or finds any solution, product, and more they always look to access the internet from the nearest device. Mobile and tablets are among the handheld devices that are quickly accessible, compared to desktop or laptop. That is the reason why websites are seeing huge growth in the number of mobile as well as tablet users.

If your WordPress website is not optimized for your mobile devices or if you are running a non-responsive website design then you are losing a lot of your potential customers to your competitor’s website and business. Neglecting to make your website design responsive can hurt your business ROI and revenue badly. Mobile devices have become one of the major sources of content consumption. That is the reason why users look for a dedicated mobile app that they can download and use to read and engine with the content.

But even before downloading any mobile app users search for the website on their mobile devices to ensure that they are downloading the right application on their mobile device. If they fail to engage with the content on your website from a mobile device then they will never show interest in downloading your mobile app. Today the responsiveness of the website has become the major factor in defining the company’s reputation, customer base, revenue, and more.

Most of the WordPress websites have already started to optimize their website for mobile devices. If you’re still planning this article will surely help you to identify some of the important insights about why it’s important to have a mobile-friendly WordPress website for your business. Apart from that, we will also be giving a detailed idea about how you can make your website design responsive. Let’s start with understanding the basic definition:

What is a Mobile-friendly WordPress website?

A mobile-friendly WordPress website ensures that the element inside your website is clearly visible on handheld devices and the whole website performs well in every aspect on mobile devices. While creating the mobile-friendly WordPress website designer ensures that users are able to navigate through different pages, easily click on CTA’s, zoom in & out on the screen, and more easily without facing many difficulties.

But still, many websites neglect to make their website design responsive for mobile users. The number of smartphone users is continuously increasing so is the number of searches from mobile devices. A recent stats by Statista states that nearly 52.6% of the website traffic comes from mobile devices and is expected to grow in the coming future. Many mobile users complain that they need to zoom in and out the text inside the website as the letters are not clearly visible. Read more on

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