A Complete Guide On Parallax Effects: Why & How To Use It For WordPress In 2021

27 Mar

The parallax effect is one of the popular and commonly used website design trends that helps businesses to enhance their website appearance. Every year the web development techniques are improving that is encouraging websites to include amazing effects in their website design. The parallax effect or we can say the parallax scrolling is one of the biggest trends that encouraged many websites to embed it in their website design. Yes, it’s not a new trend but still the most effective one.

Many popular websites on the internet choose to include these spectacular effects to enhance website appearance and wow their prospects. But the question is what’s all this hype about the parallax effect or parallax scrolling? And why site owners can plan to integrate it into their website design?

If you are scrolling the internet to find the answer for the same then you have landed on the right article where we are going to highlight some of the important points on what is the parallax effect? What are the benefits of adding the parallax effect to the website design? And how can you add a parallax effect to your WordPress website design? So make sure you stick till the end of this article.

Table Of Content:

  • An overview of the parallax effect in the website design
  • What is the parallax effect?
  • What Are the Benefits of Using a Parallax Effect?
  • Problems with parallax effect
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions

An overview of the parallax effect in the website design

If you are updated with the previous year’s website design trend then you must be aware of the fact that when parallax scrolling was introduced it started gaining main praises from different designers. Many websites even adopted parallax scrolling to enhance website appearance as well as user experience. But it turned out that instead of enhancing user experience parallax effect started doing more harm than good.

Even today if new website design trends are introduced some of them grab the user’s attention and some fail to do because users are not habituated to accessing those types of designs. The same happened with the parallax effect, during the initial days it got a lot of precision but slowly it faded away. Because most of the websites started to see the same result like less user engagement, traffic, and more.

But in recent years designers have started to see an increase in the demand for the parallax effect. The websites from different industries have already started to include the parallax scrolling feature in their website design for better engagement. Earlier the parallax effect was featured in the gaming world but now it has started to make its way in the website design world. Most of the website has started to choose this particular spectacular effect because the design is based on the simple idea and it works on any type of page.

The parallax effect is activated when the user landing on your website starts scrolling the page content. With the help of different visual elements, the parallax scrolling effect adds addiction and illusion by moving the elements at a different speed. The speed of the visual elements totally depends on the designer some of the elements can move faster and others may move slowly and some of the websites also prefer to make the visual element standstill.

So without any further ado let’s start with understanding the basic meaning of the parallax effect. Then we will look into some of the reasons how the parallax effect can be beneficial for your website design? And lastly, we will be giving a deep idea about how to implement the parallax effect in the WordPress website.

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What is the parallax effect?

The parallax effect is one of the popular and modern website design techniques where the background element moves slower when scrolling than the foreground visual content. The means if the user landing on your website scrolls down your web page then the elements at the background and foreground move at a different speed. Like the background image can move slowly whereas the image or any graphic element displayed in the web page foreground moves faster.

The parallax effect can help your website in offering 3D animation feel even if your website is using a flat design. The parallax effect includes in-depth in the background that helps in making your web page more interactive. Website makes use of parallax effect in the landing page, sales page, the home page, in the long format content page, and more. If your website has a lengthy page then the parallax effect can add more value to your website.

Today many premium WordPress themes come with a built-in parallax effect on the home page. Some of the free WordPress themes also offer parallax effects like twenty seventeen and more. But remember not all the WordPress themes have the built-in parallax effect, you need to check with the demo and the feature. But even if the theme does not have any parallax effect you can make use of the page builder plugin that comes with a parallax effect tool using which you can add parallax effect in different pages of your website.

How does it work?

Well, the parallax movement works with the phenomenon of movement parallax, where the viewer can see the objects moving parallelly and at different speeds. The object closer to the viewer (foreground) seems to move faster than the object placed farther aware (background). When we talk in terms of psychological effects then the object placed near to the viewer hits their retinal more quickly. This way the human processes these stimuli in a way that offers a 3D effect in the design.

Now that you have a deep idea about what is the parallax effect and how it works next, let’s dive into understanding the benefits of using the parallax effect in your website design. If you are looking to get a more in-depth idea of how you can integrate the parallax effect in your website design then we recommend you consult with an experienced website design professional for your website. Read more on


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