Guerrilla Marketing Series: Promotional Stickers Marketing Strategies And Example

07 Nov

In the Guerrilla marketing series, we have discussed various marketing practice like Ambush Marketing, Ambient MarketingStealth MarketingReverse Graffiti. In this article, we will be discussing one of the oldest and most common marketing strategy Promotional Sticker Marketing. 

Sticker marketing is one of the oldest and most effective ways of advertising a product and brand. Many products, brands, small businesses, and politicians have grabbed people’s attention using promotional stickers strategy. In Election, many Politicians and their marketing experts distribute free promotional stickers to run their campaign. 

For the 2020 US presidential election Republican party is distributing free stickers to create awareness about the 2020 election and Donald Trump stating “Trump Make America Great Again “.

Small Business also uses sticker marketing strategies to spread awareness about their product. This article is all about, different ways stickers help a brand and small business in their growth. I’ll also explain how stickers and labels can create a bad impression on consumers about your brand or product. Read more on


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